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VoIP Phone Solutions by Inteligy Tampa Bay

Affordable VoIP Phone Service Provider

VoIP solutions can help your business drastically cut costs while efficiently streamlining communications. With TeleVantage and Trixbox, our unique VoIP solution for business phone systems, managing your calls becomes as simple and straightforward as checking your email.

VoIP Business Solutions

Whether utilizing our VoIP PBX solutions across distributed enterprises, or taking advantage of our VoIP phones for home offices, we have the


broadband phone solutions you need to take your business’ communications to the next level.

Our advanced VolP solutions can help you save thousands every year by letting your administrators manage calls over your internet connection – eliminating costs associated with toll or long-distance calling either with clients or between distributed enterprises. Here are just a few of the cost saving VoIP solutions for small businesses that TeleVantage offers:

Call Screening - Prioritize calls with our visual screening tool. Call screening allows you to allocate resources more efficiently so that the most important calls receive the attention they warrant, while less-urgent calls get routed and organized appropriately.

Call Management - Our hosted VoIP solutions give you full, visual control over all incoming and outgoing phone calls. With the click of a button, our VoIP call management solution allows your administrators to:

  • Answer calls
  • Place calls on hold
  • Forward calls to another extension
  • Send calls directly to voicemail
  • Connect to your customized Voice-Guided Interface

Assign Call Rules - Our intelligent system allows for complete customization - allowing you to assign specific instructions or "rules" to determine how calls should be handled, whether you’re in the office or on the road.

Call Forwarding - You don’t have to be in the office to take your most important calls. With call forwarding you can have calls sent to a mobile or alternative number when you're out of the office. You can also route these calls to the appropriate party by choosing how and when incoming phone calls are handled.

Voicemail - Our voicemail tool allows you to manage voice messages from your computer in the order and manner you prefer. Voicemail messages can be delivered directly into the user's inbox and played either through a headset or the computer's speaker.

  • Organize voice messages for maximum efficiency
  • Skip over extraneous messages to get to the important ones first
  • Forward messages to multiple recipients
  • Add notes for quick reference
  • Reply in writing

Voice-Guided Interface - Our voice guided interface allows administrators to gain access to TeleVantage’s main features from any TeleVantage station or remote telephone, using the prompts from our Voice-Guided Interface. Remote users can easily create conferences, transfer calls, manage voice mail and more.

Security and Backup - What would happen to your business if you suffered and equipment failure or a power outage? With our intelligent Voice Resilience™ solution, your phone system is backed by an industrial-strength, full-featured business phone system that automatically backs up and reroutes all incoming calls without user intervention should you suffer an interruption of service at your branch.

Let Inteligy help you save thousands on your Business Phone Systems.

Call us today at 813-769-4694 and see how Tampa bay's best Business Phone Services Company can help you save thousands of dollars; or fill out the contact form on the right.


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