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Home Office Phone Systems

Best Phone Systems for Home Office Needs

At Inteligy, we understand the unique challenges that you'll face operating a home business, and we have the solutions you need to stay connected. Our home office phone systems bring together advanced voice and data applications to fully leverage your home office.

Our intelligent business phone solutions work for any size business, including the one you operate from your home. Additionally, with our unique home office phone systems, you'll improve your corporate presence with features only previously available to larger businesses.

Intuitive Home Office Phones

We know that, when operating from a home office, you don't always have an IT team standing by. That's why we make our TeleVantage VoIP systems so simple to use. We make complex functionality like setting up multi-party conference calls and managing multiple lines as easy as the click of a mouse - literally. TeleVantage makes managing your voice services as simple as managing your emails.

From your own computer, you can easily handle phone calls the same way you do data files, clicking and dragging them to perform desired tasks. TeleVantage's intuitive interface lets you decide how calls are answered, transferred and managed, and gives you a wide range of features not available through traditional phone systems. Here are just a few of the great services we offer for your home office phone systems:

  • VoIP home office phone systems
  • Separate phone number for home office
  • Home office conference phone capabilities
  • Home office phone with hold music
  • Virtual office phone systems
  • Unlimited phone plans

VoIP Phone Systems for Home Offices

Our VoIP phone systems for home offices allow for cheaper, more efficient phone calls by giving you the power to manage your phone systems through your internet connection. At Inteligy we utilize our unique TeleVantage business application for home office VoIP solutions.

Our TeleVantage broadband voice solution gives you full control over your voice services by utilizing the unique advantages of Voice over IP (VoIP); resulting in enhanced customer experience and increased productivity.

Advantages to Home Office VoIP Phone Systems

With VoIP, you pay a much lower monthly fee for local, long distance and international calls than traditional phone service. This is especially important for business owners who work from their home office.

VoIP is an easy add-on to your regular phone line - providing an affordable home office phone alternative with low long distance and international rates. Our advanced VoIP provides you with a dedicated phone number for home office administration and is enhanced with features like caller ID, call waiting, conference calls and call forwarding.

Virtual Office Phone Systems are Mobile

One of the major benefits of working from a home office is the flexibility it affords. VoIP is the perfect complement for your mobile lifestyle - allowing you to make and receive phone calls wherever there is a broadband connection by logging in to your VoIP account. Whether you're on the road for business, or stopping by your local coffee shop, our VoIP is as convenient and accessible as e-mail with remote our access capabilities.

Functional & Dependable Phone Systems for the Home Office

We make our products work for you. TeleVantage's open architecture lets you extend functionality by integrating your business' existing applications, like CRM and more. Finally, at Inteligy, we've got your back.

TeleVantage has been rigorously designed and tested to ensure rock-solid stability so your important connections stay up and running even under adverse conditions like power outages or server failures. With Inteligy's Voice Resilience™ Solution, your phone system is backed by an industrial-strength, full-featured business phone system to automatically reroute your calls to backup telephones.

At a fraction of the cost of additional hardware systems, tie lines, and automated switch-over equipment, Voice Resilience™ lets you benefit from all the advanced features of a next-generation phone system, without the disadvantages of having to install and maintain a phone switch in your home office.

Let Inteligy help you save thousands on your Business Phone Systems.

Call us today at 813-769-4694 and see how Tampa bay's best Business Phone Services Company can help you save thousands of dollars; or fill out the contact form on the right.


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