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Cisco Phone Systems

VoIP Business Phone Systems by Inteligy Tampa Bay

At Inteligy we seek to leverage your small business with the best possible tools for the job. That’s why we offer and utilize Cisco business phone systems.

Cisco Phones by Inteligy

Cisco phones are designed to integrate seamlessly with VoIP technology – making them the perfect complement to our hosted phone systems.

Cisco Phone Systems for Any Size Business

We offer premium Cisco IP business phone systems for any size business - whether you or your employees operate from a home office or across a vast network of distributed enterprises. We’ve specially selected a number of varied Cisco phone systems to provide the best options to our clients for their particular business phone needs.

Why Choose Cisco Phone Systems?

Cisco unified communications IP phones offer a range of features to suit varying business needs and feature a host of affordable, reliable and easy to-use phones with boasting essential functions. Cisco promotes its vision of the "Intelligent Information Network" by providing technology that adds intelligence to the network while providing a systems-level approach to integration. Cisco's intelligent business phone systems provide an intuitive, rich user experience and application support on the phone to enhance productivity and increase your ROI.

Find the Right Cisco Phone for Your Business

We offer the Cisco IP Phone 7940/7960 phones to complement our advanced VoIP business phone systems. The Cisco SIP IP Phone model 7940 has two lines while the model 7960 has six lines.

The Cisco 7960 - designed to support the communication needs of professional workers in enclosed office environments, and employees who experience a high amount of phone traffic in the course of a business day. This IP phone supports access to multiple telephone lines and includes high-quality, hands-free speakerphone capability and built-in headset connectivity.

The Cisco 7940 - addresses the communications needs of a transaction-type worker. It provides two programmable line and feature keys, plus a high-quality speakerphone.

On both models, a large pixel-based display provides supplemental information, access to applications, and makes it easy to use telephone features.

The Cisco IP 7940/7960 is a full-featured business phone that provides voice communication over an IP network. The Cisco IP Phone 7940/7960 features:

  • LCD Screen - Identifies time, date, phone number, caller ID, line/call status and softkey tabs.
  • Line or Speed Dial Buttons - Opens a new line, speed dials, or ends a call.
  • On-Screen Mode Buttons - Provides access to call history, voicemail, directories, settings and network configuration and status.
  • And a number of convenient features including: foot-stand adjustment, softkeys, scroll key, dialing pad, volume button, and a handset.

Let Inteligy help you save thousands on your Business Phone Systems.

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