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Phone Solutions For The Distributed Enterprise

IP Phones for Small Businesses

Does your business operate across multiple locations? If you have one or more branch offices, unifying communications between distributed enterprises is imperative to streamlining operations, cutting costs and ensuring client satisfaction.

Business Phones in Multiple Locations

At one time, headquarters were a central point for business operations. Today it has become increasingly common for distributed enterprises to operate in multiple locations where business is conducted. These days, 62% of companies say that they are increasing their number of branch offices and 89% of companies say that they support virtual workers. Keep everyone in the loop with premise based VoIP phone systems.

At Inteligy, we offer phones for distributed enterprises and business phone systems that allow you to manage your communications from any equipped satellite location with ease. We offer essential applications for distributed workers including: customized premise based VoIP phone systems and remote access to business applications.

IP Phones for Small Businesses

Make your branch offices and headquarters function as one seamlessly integrated unit with our premise based VoIP phone systems. With voice over internet phones and hosted VoIP solutions, managing business phones in multiple locations becomes as convenient and straightforward as managing your email.

Inteligy's flexible network management tools allow users to deploy, manage and monitor communications across a distributed network environment; all backed by our rock-solid centralized security. Our intelligent business phone systems cut costs and promote efficiency by allowing for reduced administration time and complexities with one-click deployment.

Premise Based VoIP Phone Systems

Our advanced business phone systems for distributed enterprises leverage your resources by unifying employees across an entire, multi-location organization seamlessly - allowing them to communicate as if they were in the same building. Our voice-over internet phones provide centralized IVR applications that can be accessed by any office.

Conference Management

Conference calling is a vital communications tool for all businesses, small and large – especially businesses across distributed enterprises. Our state of the art conference management systems guarantee reliable audio conference calling with all your locations.

Inteligy's conference manager offers fast load time and numerous features. Our conference call manager allows businesses to host calls for any number of participants, ensuring everyone's on the same page as you move forward with your business' goals.

Our VoIP solution for small businesses improves employee productivity and office efficiency by allowing employees to:

  • View the entire organization's availability.
  • Know how fellow employees are engaged (on the phone, in a meeting or on vacation, for example) no matter where they are located.
  • Point and click to "camp" on any busy remote extension so that they are automatically called back and connected when the extension becomes free.
  • Forward or send voice messages to anyone in the enterprise using the phone or our advanced VoIP application, TeleVantage ViewPoint.
  • Distribute voice messages among TeleVantage servers as needed, allowing users have access to multi-site distribution lists.
  • Identify and handle VIP calls appropriately, no matter which office location is called.
  • Configure inter-office call routing over VoIP to eliminate long-distance toll charges between distributed locations.

Hosted Business VoIP Systems for Advanced Security

What would happen if you suddenly suffered an equipment failure at one or more of your branch offices? With Inteligy's Voice Resilience™ Solution, your voice over internet phones across multiple locations are backed by an industrial-strength, full-featured business phone system in a redundant data center environment.

Should you suffer an equipment failure or power-outage on your main phone system, we'll automatically backup your calls to reroute them to dedicated telephones within seconds requiring no user intervention.

Business Phones for Distributed Enterprises by Inteligy

Choose business phone systems by Inteligy to save your business thousands of dollars while streamlining communications and improving customer satisfaction.

Let Inteligy help you save thousands on your Business Phone Systems.

Call us today at 813-769-4694 and see how Tampa bay's best Business Phone Services Company can help you save thousands of dollars; or fill out the contact form on the right.


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